A tool for financial analysts and investors to research new investment ideas, manage current portfolios, create dashboards and monitor workflows.

My Role

As the Senior Product Designer at Coatue for 2.4 years, I lead the design efforts for Mosaic. Being the sole designer on a 16-member product team, I was responsible from strategy to execution of new ideas within our desktop, iPad, and iPhone applications. I implemented a feedback and data-driven design process to identify and validate new solutions.


Mosaic Features

Mosaic is packed with helpful features to interact with live market and in-house data. Users can build investment theories, initiate and manage trades, enforce compliance standards, track meetings and manage appointments, contacts, notes and research documents. Here are a couple of examples:

Smartlists Stock Detail Modal


Users can create, manage and browse dashboards that are specific to a task, individual role or team. Check out the two examples below: a performance dashboard to monitor the health of a fund and an analyst dashboard for keeping track of their daily workflow.


  • Develop an intuitive experience for complex workflows, tables and charts inside a single layout for specific business functions and needs.
  • Provide a robust layout platform to facilitate the deployment process for new features requests — saving time and resources.


  • A customizable dashboard for teams or individuals to tailor the content and workflow based on their needs and preferences.
  • A library of reusable widgets designed for various use cases to speed up development cycles and introduce consistency across the platform
Performance Dashboard Analyst Dashboard

Design System

It was essential to develop and maintain a design system across all platforms. This interactive pattern library not only kept us consistent with our UX and interactions but also created a handy vocabulary for communicating specs to developers.
Here are a few samples:


iPad App — A Case Study

Our existing iPad app did not solve the leading issues we wanted to address as a business. So I sat down with the stakeholders and users to identify a new approach for our mobile iOS platform.

1. Identify pain points

Whats the problem?

  • Users are not reading research documents using the existing iPad app because its cumbersome to find what they're looking for and stay up to date.
  • Users are interested in a particular set of stocks/trends and unique workflows, but they can't tailor the app experience based on those preferences.
Albert Einstien by
Andy Warhol (1980)

Thank you
“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” ― Albert Einstein

2. Talk To Users

Interview Notes

“I have my portfolio stocks, set of stocks my team is researching and trends I'm interested. I don’t care about all the research in the system.”
“I have around 15-20 meetings a day about different stocks, I don’t the have time to look up each stock on the app, so I just end up not using the app and research only on my desktop.”
“...we have a scoring system in our Smartlists, and I’m usually only interested in a particular set that scores higher than eight.”
“...every week I’m researching a completely new set of trends that I keep track of on the desktop app. I won't have time to update another app at the same time.”

3. Beyond the feedback


  • Users attend a lot of meetings about specific stocks or trends. It would be helpful to group information based on this activity.
  • There are a lot of smart alerts and notifications generated in the desktop app. Keep the users more engaged and aware by making it available on their mobile devices.
  • Users communicate very frequently on Slack. It would be useful to share documents directly from the Mosaic app and track those conversations.
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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
― Thomas Edison

4. Explore Different Ideas

Ideations & Experiments

5. Good Ideas Can Become Great

Iterate · Prototype · Validate

6. Implement & Repeat

Evolving Solution

  • A channel-based layout where users can customize the research documents based on their specific needs.
  • Bridges the gap between desktop and mobile. Users can create mobile channels based on their desktop workflows.
  • Housing for alerts and notifications to keep the user informed about their investments and new opportunities.
  • Automatically groups analyst notes and research documents based on their meetings.

Mobile App

The mobile experience is consistent with the iPad experience. The user can pick up where they left off on their iPads and always stay up to date through a single cohesive experience.


We increased the overall adoption of Mosaic by 4x across all platforms. It became the primary platform on how users across teams collaborated using dashboards. This growth was made possible by building a close relationship with the users (investors and analysts) and implementing a feedback driven design process.


Working on Mosaic was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the stock market, private investment, and critical analysis. In hindsight, I would've pushed harder to build a design team to accelerate growth and research for new solutions. We would've also benefited from a better prioritization process for the product and design pipelines.

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